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  A Word from the Chair

I am honored to serve as the 7th Regional Chair of SWBLSA.

Thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to serve and grow

amongst my SWBLSA family. Our theme for this year is: Opening Every

Door, Breaking Every Glass, Raising Every Ceiling.


We, in the Supreme Southwest Region, are blessed to attend some

of the finest law schools in the nation because of the sacrifices and service

of our ancestors and the many iconic legal professionals that have come

before us. When we take into account the history of Black Law Students in

America, we must recognize all of the doors that our predecessors have

opened for Black Law Students today. At the same time, we must also

recognize what barriers still exist for black attorneys in America. As your

chair, this year, I am committed to knocking down every single barrier that

we may face, together.


Our administration will prioritize the professional development of both

Pre-Law and active law students. The path to being a successful Black

Attorney begins on the very day that a young Black American decides that

they have the desire to be an attorney. And, that path winds far beyond the

courses and curriculum that law students will learn in the classroom. So, we

will prepare our Pre-Law and law students for the field with a variety of

opportunities for legal professional development.


Our administration will also prioritize the development of each individual chapter. We understand that unity is a

powerful tool in the black legal community and in order for our students to overcome the various struggles ahead of them,

they need a community to support them on their journey. We understand that in order to further develop the Black legal

community we must nurture healthy and robust BLSA school chapters. We want our students to feel valued, empowered,

confident, and passionate about becoming leaders in the legal profession.


Our passions continue to lie within the communities where we were raised, where we are students, and where we

will one day practice. So, it is within those same communities where our works will have breath. Our administration is

committed to addressing social action, social disparities, and community needs in the communities that matter to us the



Cheers to another year,


Jessica L. Paige


2022-2023 Chair

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