A Word from the Chair

Greetings to the Savage Southwest:


As we enter into yet another crucial era for minorities, we must set our eyes on new sights, so that we can reach new heights. I want to thank God for giving me the confidence to run for this position and raise the bar for myself and further the legacy of SWBLSA. I cannot stress enough how grateful and appreciative I am that you all believed in my vision.


It is such an honor and a privilege to serve as the 4th Regional Chair of the Southwest Region of NBLSA. As a 1L taking this position, I am afforded the ability to truly grow with this region. I am thrilled for all the wonderful things we will accomplish together. New Sights, New Heights is the theme for this year as I want us to set the bar higher than it’s ever been and climb to new heights in law school, our budding careers, but most importantly, in life. As Chair, I have four main objectives/priorities: increased participation, transparency, community service, and scholarships. I will develop a personal relationship with each chapter to understand what issues you face in regards to funding, participation and programming. I am developing initiatives to increase funds to disseminate to local chapters to increase participation on the regional and national levels. To earn your trust in my vision, I will be transparent about the state of SWBLSA with quarterly reports and make myself accessible to all in our region. I will strengthen communication from every tier of the organization, so we may maintain up to date and consistent information. We will implement more initiatives to empower pre-law students and engage alumni.


I am excited about this term and simply ask that you all hold me accountable. I look forward to seeing you all at: Job Fair, Academic Retreat, Pre-Law Symposium, SWBLSA Day at State Capitols, networking and community service opportunities and our Annual SWBLSA Regional Convention in January 2020.

Individually we are a force to be reckoned with, but together we cannot be stopped!

​Yours in SWBLSA Service,

Arielle Comer

2019-2020 SWBLSA Chair

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