A Word from the Chair

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Dear Southwest Region:


I am honored to serve as your 5th Regional Chair.  Thank you very kindly for entrusting me with your vote of confidence. Our theme for this year is Servant Leadership: To Whom Much is Given, Much is Required. We in the Southwest Region are blessed to attend some of the finest law schools in the nation because of the sacrifices and service of our ancestors.  We can never pay them back, so we must pay it forward by serving others. Dr. King once stated that life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others, and this is a question SWBLSA will be able to answer proudly. 


Our administration will prioritize encouraging our respective chapters to participate in public service activities. We will also highlight and promote our chapters who make an extra effort to give back. Our Region is nothing without our chapters, and we plan on publicly showing our appreciation for chapters dedicated to public service. We want to increase the visibility of our chapters because when one chapter succeeds, we all succeed.  


Our administration will also prioritize alumni relations. We want our alumni to feel valued and appreciated for giving back to SWBLSA by donating their time, energy, and resources. Furthermore, we will use our platform to highlight and promote outstanding alumni who are committed to public service. Lastly, our administration will prioritize reinvesting into our membership. We will ensure that our members are equipped with the necessary resources to succeed and make positive impacts in our communities. 


By prioritizing public service activities, highlighting and promoting our chapters and alumni who are committed to serving others, and reinvesting in our membership, this administration will live up to our theme of servant leadership. I’m looking forward to a successful year of service with you all. 




Anthony Collier 

2020 – 2021 SWBLSA Chair